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Visualisers (Document Cameras)

Highlights and key features of visualisers:

  • Instantly create and share digital content.
  • Easily add interactivity to lessons.
  • Quickly install it in any classroom.
  • Display sharp, detailed images.
  • Save time and money on photocopying numerous documents since enlarged images can be displayed for the duration of a lesson.
  • Prevent crowding around your desk or a laptop to look at objects; high definition visualisers can show the document or object to a room full of students, and help those with sight impediments.
  • Save video recordings or capture images to transfer to your laptop or interactive display; visualisers let you create specific teaching aids to distribute to students or to other teachers.

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Imagine the convenience of viewing a science experiment in real time with your class, or displaying a book on your  interactive whiteboard as you highlight key sections. With the new SMART or award winning AverVision Document Cameras, you can do all that and more.

Instantly display real-time images of any static or moving object onto an interactive whiteboard for your entire class to see. You can also capture images with Notebook collaborative learning software and use them to create interactive lessons.

The SMART or AverVision Document Cameras are an amazing, yet simple, teaching tool that can help you turn your classroom into a spontaneous and dynamic learning environment.

If you would like to see how the SMART or AverVision Document Cameras and other SMART products can help you enhance whole-class, small-group and individual learning, we invite you to take the SMART Classroom Tour.

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